Richard Kaan

Born in Salzburg on 9 August 1954 to a lawyer and an artist. One year later we moved to Graz where I still live today with my wife, a high school teacher. Our two children are grown-up now and out of the house.

I graduated from high school in 1972 and started but not finished studying law after my mandatory National Service. Following this I studied engineering at college, graduating in 1978. During and after I worked as mechanic and then as driving instructor in a race driving school (Jim Russel Racing School) at the then called Oesterreichring (Oesterreich race track) and Salzburgring (Salzburg race track).

In 1978 I began working at Steyr-Daimler-Puch, today’s Magna Steyr Graz, as engineer and subsequently team leader in prototype construction of the G model, built together with Daimler Benz.

In 1981 I started my own business, originally offering mainly customised vehicles.

A few years later I added restoration of historic vehicles, mainly Porsches. These were taken

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apart completely and then re-built piece by piece. In 1999 I closed the company for personal health reasons.

In 2005 I started studying journalism at Donau-Uni-Krems (Danube University in Krems, Lower Austria) with two majors: print and radio. Two years later I added another degree, this time in PR and integrated communication. I graduated from both studies.

My personal interests, aside from family and reading, are politics, science and vintage
car races.