With a degree both in journalism and PR & integrated communication I work in the following fields.

As freelance-journalist I write for a number of newspapers and magazines. My main topics are old and new cars, mechanics in general, as well as events around vintage cars in which I take part actively or passively (e.g. Mille Miglia, GP of Copenhagen, Vintage Car GP at Nuerburgring etc.)

In the field of integrated communication I work mainly on the topic of sponsoring. I offer consulting and concept creation, as well as accompanying controlling.

As far as communication training is concerned, I focus mainly on the – ever more important – networking of all communication channels of organisations and companies.

Have you ever felt frustrated with an unfriendly receptionist, or become angry at a call centre staff – if you actually had enough patience to await speaking to him/her? Then you already know where the need for communication training starts and never again ends.